The Celebrant

At First Forest, we understand the Celebrant can make all the difference to the funeral experience. Families rightfully have the expectation that every funeral company shows respect to the deceased and is capable of booking chapels and newspapers. So what is that quality that distinguishes First Forest Funerals from the others?

Well for one, our Principal, John McKeon, has decades of experience as a trusted celebrant. John has conducted around two thousand funerals across South East Queensland and is highly regarded for his unique skills and his personable, respectful manner. He is the reason why many families choose First Forest Funerals.

Of course, family choices of clergy or special people in their lives to lead family funerals are always welcome. Increasingly however, we find many families do not have a preferred celebrant in mind, and are not connected to a Church or Parish Community.

The funeral celebrant should not default to poems and fill-ins. This is often a sign of little content or pastoral expertise. Celebrants should be chosen for their skill in creating experiences which are appropriate and meaningful. First Forest can recommend a number of celebrants skilled at facilitating a well run and meaningful Ceremony.