FAQPrepaid funerals with other companies:
• What happens if I have already pre-paid or pre-arranged with another funeral company? Can I change to First Forest ?
Yes you can. This happens frequently across the industry as needs and preferences change. It is simply a matter of contacting First Forest and we can have your policy transferred by completing one simple form. No hassles at all.

• Should a funeral home be nearby?
Our experience tells us what matters most to families is the knowledge that their loved ones are safe and treated with the utmost dignity. Where this occurs is not so important. First Forest is able to provide mortuary care across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Coasts. We are happy to come to you for all arrangements and travel to offer you the very best in funeral care. We are as close as the nearest telephone.

• How is it your prices are less than others?
Because we are a small local family company we do not have the large overheads of the big companies. We are still able to offer exceptional service and care at a reasonable price. When it comes to matters financial, often what matters is not the price so much as the value. As consumers, all most people seek is value for money.

If You have any questions please simply contact us

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