Pre Pay for Your Funeral

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Many people are intimidated by the talk of death.  As demise is the only certainty in our life, it is important as we age to ‘get organised’ for this eventuality.  Most of us wish to have some say in how we would like proceedings to unfold at our funeral, and arranging a prepaid Brisbane funeral is a considerate and forward-thinking way to do this.

That is why First Forest Funerals allow you to plan in the comfort of your own home – with no-one else around if that is your wish.  You will soon be able to utilise our on-line Arrangement Form to begin planning a funeral service in just the way you would like to be remembered and honoured.  No rush, no commitment, no pressure. You can have a prepaid Brisbane funeral, and save your family members both worry and the expense.   Everything is there to get you thinking and if you’d like a real person to talk too, call John or email your inquiry to him.

For those under 55 yrs, there are substantial savings to be enjoyed by joining an Insurance fund which effectively gives you full funeral cover if you pay the modest premiums until 60yrs of age. As a guide, an applicant would pay about half of the benefit over the course of a lifetime. For example, if I was 40yrs old and wanted $5,400 of cover for funeral expenses, I would pay $128.70 pa for 20 yrs or $2,574 total – a saving of $2,826 or 52%. The premiums will never increase and the benefit will never diminish. First Forest has researched most of the financial products on the market and this is the best value that we can find.

In short, you can either:

– prearrange your funeral in Brisbane without paying anything at this time
– prearrange and prepay your funeral saving family members the worry, or
– join a funeral bond or insurance plan to cover your funeral expenses. READ MORE

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