Immediate Assistance

Most people don’t know what to do when someone dies. Apart from calling us on 1800 15 15 14, the following information will help at this stage.

In short, the process entails:

  1. Call the doctor
  2. Call First Forest Funerals Freecall 1800 15 15 14
  3. Transfer of the deceased into our care takes place
  4. When you are ready, we sit and make arrangements of how to best honour your loved one.

Natural Causes

Most people die either at home, in a hospital or an aged care facility. You should first call the family doctor, then ring First Forest Funerals. If the person has been treated by a doctor for an illness that is considered potentially life threatening, a doctor will normally issue a Cause of Death Certificate. The next step is to call First Forest on 1800 15 15 14. We are able to handle everything from there.

Accidental Death

If death is accidental or sudden and your loved one is not under the regular care of a doctor, then it is a requirement by law to contact the police. They will in turn contact the Coroner to organise a transfer to the Government Mortuary for an autopsy. You remain free to choose the funeral director of your choice at all times. First Forest Funerals is able to liaise with the Coroner’s Office and the John Tonge Centre (Coroner’s mortuary) to arrange for the earliest release of your loved one’s body.

In Hospital or Nursing Home

In Hospital, nursing staff will usually ask you to nominate your funeral director. Should death occur in the Nursing Home the sister or nurse in charge will issue a Life Extinct Certificate and this allows for the transfer of the deceased into our care. Subsequently, a doctor will issue a Medial Cause of death certificate. (The official Death Certificate is issued by the State and comes later in the process).

As the Nursing Home usually requires the name of your funeral director when a patient is admitted, the Nursing Home will call First Forest Funerals after notifying the next of kin of a death. With your permission we will then proceed to the Nursing Home and respectfully transfer your loved one into our safe care.

No matter where or when your loved one passes away, First Forest will be able to ensure their safe passage and transfer into our care. One of our caring staff – probably our principal John – will then contact you and arrange to guide and assist you through the funeral process.

You need not worry as we will organise every single detail. You just tell us what you arrangements you would like, and we will ensure that it happens. That’s what we’re good at.

Coroner vs Cause of Death Certificate

Most deaths occur in hospitals, aged-care homes and private residences. Usually a medical certificate (called a Medical Cause of Death Certificate) will be issued by the attending doctor. In some cases however, particularly with sudden or unexpected loss, a doctor cannot determine the cause of death and the local Coroner becomes involved. It is important to note, the Cause of Death Certificate is not the same as the Death Certificate. After the funeral, we arrange for the latter to come directly to you from the Registrar General. More….


After obtaining appropriate authorities, we are able to transfer the deceased into our care. Specially equipped transfer vehicles are used for this important purpose. At First Forest, this is a most important part of our care: Dignity in Life, and Dignity in Death.

Making Funeral Arrangements

Next, at a time suitable to the family, we meet to guide you through the funeral arrangements. This can happen either in your home or at our office. We always start by listening to your needs and requests as well as any known last wishes.

We have plenty of options available to assist, and will gently and professionally guide you through all arrangements.

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