About Us

IMG_3381First forest Funerals is a family owned business. We use the word boutique because to date, we do very little advertising but are able to compete with the big boys. John has such a good reputation for his common sense and inclusive approach that ‘word of mouth’ really works for us. First Forest Funerals is unable to do every funeral in Australia. Indeed, this is not our aim. First Forest strives to assist those who choose to use our services by reputation and association. If you seek a special and meaningful approach to funeral services, then please call us.

We understand that most families often want something simple but dignified. We use the phrase ‘noble simplicity’. Wasting money on expensive coffins and meaningless custom writing services does not enhance the respect and esteem in which we hold our deceased loved ones. Most families simply wish to do things properly, but simply – without excess. We appreciate that. In the wide variety of funeral providers, we offer a unique niche to families seeking meaning in the ritual of human burial.

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