First Forest

First Forest Funerals is able to offer you options to help you choose the right type of funeral for your loved one. We make things simple and ensure everything is covered. Whatever you need, we offer the very best service. Choose John McKeon as your celebrant and you are assured of a memorable, meaningful and respectful funeral service.


  • Prepaid Funerals
    Prepaid Funerals – Court rules in favour of a Gold Coast family Much has been written about the recent Court ruling in favour of a Gold Coast family receiving funeral benefits from Alex Gow Funerals. As we know, a Qld Magistrate accepted Beryl Turner had funded her funeral service after committing to a prepaid funeral …

Celebrate Life

In 1998 John McKeon was the first to use the phrase "celebrate life". While establishing a "not for profit" funeral service he adopted this as the byline and it remains widely used to this day. Indeed, this phrase has since been adopted by almost every operator in the funeral industry both within Australia and overseas. John was the first to use it. It is not his only good idea.